What is Two Piece Colostomy Bag?

Two piece colostomy bags are also known as called drainable bags. This pouch is placed around the stoma to collect the body’s waste material, feces, and urine. It all depends on the type of stoma. There are various types of 2 piece ostomy pouch system available here.

  • Some are reusable
  • While others are disposable

A particular individual needs this pouch according to their medical condition. This bag supports you to change the pocket without removing the baseplate or skin barrier. This pouch recommended after a surgical procedure such as


An ileostomy is an operation that creates a permanent or short-tempered hole called a stoma. It is away from the most profound part of the small intestine creates, called the ileum; it is made to the outside of your stomach. It helps regular waste material and gas exit from the body without crossing into the rectum or the colon.

The two piece colostomy bag includes a skin barrier called a flange, wafer, or base plate, which connects to the stoma and breezes concurrently with the 2 piece colostomy bags through a synthetic collar. The skin barrier defends the skin and tubes from where material waste passes to the 2 piece ostomy bag stores and collects the excess.

These pouch & skin barriers are two separate components. It makes bag changing comfortable while the barrier stays intact with the skin. The two piece ostomy bag has an added advantage since any pouch size can use with them. The colostomy bag two pieces are available in different configurations.

  • Drainable
  • Closed

It blocks with stoma openings like cut-to-fit, pre-cut and moldable. You can select as you need in barriers like Standard, Long wear, and Extra Long. It is available in new offers and discounts of each kind.

We have two types of colostomy bag two piece devices available; the opposite is a one-piece bag. The main difference between both choices is the part that connects to the skin right around the stoma.

In the one-piece bag, the sticky baseplate skin is part of the pack. Moreover, these bags are effortless to apply and switch and should displace almost every two to five days; the skin barriers should replace around two times in 7 days.

Features and Benefits of two Piece Colostomy Bag:

The solid skin barrier wafer with body-side adhesive and a top-side flange that accepts the pouch is the two-piece system. The pocket can be modified as needed without disordering the skin wall tape. It allows using a smaller bag for specific exercises such as swimming.

It is replacing a standard size pouch for regular wear time. The additional substitute pouch is closed on the sticky host for movement and then took off and replaced. A two-piece system offers the user some flexibility and choices. The design needs an estimate for replacement.

This pouch can be cleaned and reattach or discard the ruined pouch and attach a brand-new one. It provides two piece colostomy bag system. Patients to swiftly and easily switch the type of bag they’re using to match their current activity. These systems have suitable options for a design fit for most patients.

In contrast, the choice of a drainable pouching system might be more distracted at work time or at night to increase capacity. The two-piece pouching systems demand a lighter pressure for pouch addition, hence, making it more comfortable for delicate post-operative abdomens and reduce pain. It produces a pouch exchange more pain-free and promotes more close cooperation in self-care.

Specific Benefits Here:

It helps remove the bag without separating the skin barrier, decreasing.

  • Skin irritation
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • It is familiar with one-piece bags “Trouble dermatitis of the skin results from contact with chronic trouble, such as stool or chemicals always.
  • It may be due to poor stoma construction, causing effluent to contact the skin, or from a poor technique in appliance care.
  • Effluent may get the skin if the appliance is not the appropriate size, has not been applied appropriately, or has been left in place too long.
  • The main goal of the bag is to support your skin and protect yourself from other hassles.
  • The wearing timing of this pouch offers strong protection.
  • The user or discards the one-piece system with every pouch changes, whereas the wafer in the two-piece design can endure over one pouch development before the end.
  • You can change this bag to suit various occurrences. For example, you are using a smaller pouch during workouts or closeness.
  • During the collar placement, the stoma is easily visible.
  • It has a rotating capacity.
  • It is a suitable single-use pouch liner.
  • The system suits people with impaired skills and vision.
  • This bag has easier exchange facilitates while traveling, using in public restrooms, and busy social life.

Type of Two-Piece Stoma Bags:

  • Standard Skin Barrier
  • Extended Wear Skin Barrier
  • Pre-Cut Skin Barrier
  • Cut-to-Fit Skin Barrier
  • Moldable Skin Barrier
  • Convex Barrier
  • Non-Convex Skin Barrier

Facts of Two Piece Stoma Bag:

Here are some of the extra that two-piece ostomy systems are available:

  • A stick-on system may be ideal for you if you have disease or loss of your hands’ ability.
  • A clip-on order: it might be perfect for you if you are injured.
  • A clear bag is absolute to see the contents of the container. This Translucent ostomy bags provide easy visible reviews and preferences by hospital staff for the more straightforward director.
  • A dark bag may be fine for you if you don’t wish to see the packing material.
  • This Opaque ostomy bags favor ostomy sufferers who are in the home.
  • A drainable system is an excellent option for you if you empty your pouch various times a day or have an initially liquid output.
  • A closed two-piece system works best for you if you’re exploring a container to use while swimming or during extraordinary times.
  • The pre-cut pouch has a slot located in the middle of the skin barrier.

It matched with the exact size of the stoma. This bag provides convenient exchange of a soiled ostomy bag with a fresh one.

  • A cut-to-fit pouch is the best option for you if you have an irregularly-shaped stoma that does not fit a pre-sized barrier.
  • A two-piece system that comes with filters is an excellent option. It kills the unwanted odors or gas build-up dramatically.
  • A two-piece system with belt tabs is ideal for you if you need extra support or a bariatric patient.

How to Use Two-Piece Ostomy Pouch?

This 2 piece drainable ostomy pouch lets you drain the ostomy pouch contents externally, separating them from the stoma. On the other support, Closed Ostomy Bags are quickly disposable and changed for a new replacement pouch. The closed 2 piece ostomy system produces for one-time use. It gave more exceptional ease of use; reliable system ostomy bags are less likely to leak or lose odors.

Functioning ostomy sufferers and those that operate daily service closed two piece ostomy system. For ostomy sufferers who enjoy sport and swimming sports, filtered ostomy bags allow patients to reduce their leaks’ risk. Sufferers who participate in sports activities also need refined ostomy bags very beneficial. Ostomy Bags with an open filter offer constant venting without liquids entering in or outside the container.

Band tabs give additional assistance for ostomy bags to keep them secure toward the body. Unusual ostomy pouches have built-in belt tabs that provide extra comfort and more manageable securement.

Why Buy from us?

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